Mondani Meggitt Genuine Cowhide Leather Backpack 14″ For Men or Women


Color: Brown
Leather: Goat Leather
Dimensions: 14(H) * 11(W) * 5(D)
Front pocket: Pockets on each side: One Zippered pocket on top flap: Large compartments: One Zippered pocket on the back side of the bag
Briefcase Handle on top.

In stock


This beautiful Leather Backpack continues to be in popular demand, as this version is 14cm high, 11 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.
A lot of women have purchased our Small Leather Backpack and loved it, yet over the years there has been a calling for a smaller version.
Overall, a smaller design has allowed us to go within the bag to make it more intricate, and design it to hold smaller objects in a secure and organized fashion.


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